Portrait of Taylor Mack

Taylor Mack

Operations Coordinator

As Operations Coordinator at Marrow, Taylor is tasked with anything and everything. He enjoys providing support and structure to those in the Marrow orbit, with the hopes of enabling others to love their jobs and impact their coworkers and employees. Before joining Marrow, Taylor worked in the world of gourmet doughnuts in Washington DC, and most recently as a Senior Staffing Consultant at another Marrow company, Core Ventures. In his time there, Taylor found a culture and a team that really saw and cared about one another. Because of that experience, he felt drawn to join Marrow in its mission to create and encourage small businesses with healthy cultures. In his free time, Taylor enjoys reading, cooking, making drinks, obsessing over Cleveland sports, indulging in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and spending time with his wife and friends.