Grounded in Simplicity, Committed to Durability

We believe in sustainable growth and hard work. Regardless of industry, we position businesses to be nimble and responsive to internal shifts and external forces, leveraging our resources to deliver outsized value and cross-company success.

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Our Structure

Much like marrow in the body, the Marrow team is an internal, generative life force at the center of our collective businesses. Benefiting from support and centralized services, the businesses surrounding this core exist in two layers.

The inner ring consists of organizations servicing the daily needs of businesses, within and outside the Marrow ecosystem. Outer hub businesses focus on specialized industries and ultimately build toward a launch independent of Marrow, making way for new startups and acquisitions while always staying connected.

Abstract building blocks

Focusing on the people and processes that make small businesses great.

Inner Ring

The inner ring consists of primarily professional services businesses that serve the Marrow ecosystem as well as external clients. With centralized support and guidance from the Marrow team, these businesses have nimble, responsive leaders and a thriving team culture. They symbiotically operate independently and in conjunction with one another, driving success and growth.

Marrow Structure

Marrow structure

Outer Hub

The businesses in Marrow's Outer Hub include specialized industries with the ultimate goal of launching independently. This incubation approach allows for the emergence of new startups and acquisitions while creating a dynamic network of sustained connection.

Shared Vision, Deep Commitment

With a nimble operating system, proven experience, and a penchant for grit, the Marrow ecosystem produces organizations that matter and last. We believe that business is the most powerful arena to affect real change and by creating strong companies, we deliver value and residual good.

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Marrow Creates a Supportive Ecosystem for Leaders

Marrow flips the script on the isolating and exhausting nature of leadership. With a supportive ecosystem focused on shared services, development, and connection, it's a place where leaders can thrive together.

Alli Horst
Director, Core Ventures