Marrow Structure

Marrow is equal parts holding company and shared services platform. The businesses in our portfolio benefit from centralized support provided by the Marrow team, which enables them to have agile and responsive leaders and focus on the needs of our customers. They operate independently yet in harmony with each other, forming a mutually beneficial relationship.

Matchstick logo


From executive search to contract staffing and direct placement, Matchstick is a professional recruitment agency that excels in connecting exceptional professionals with top organizations across various industries.



Our expert team of accountants provides personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your books are precise and current. Let us handle the numbers while you concentrate on what truly matters – the growth and success of your business.



Rebar lives up to its name by serving as the fundamental, yet often unseen, infrastructure upon which everything else is built. With a focus on the end result, the Rebar team strives to produce resilient products that achieve the desired outcomes.

Rule29 Logo


Your brand ecosystem is a dynamic network of interrelated connections and stories that define your identity. Rule29 fosters a collaborative environment to gain a deep understanding of your brand to create an authentic connection with your target market.

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Workbench is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to achieve their goals. Offering customized coaching and training solutions designed to meet the unique needs of their clients, they work closely with leaders and teams to help them reach their full potential.

OutfIT logo


OutfIT is your go-to MSP for IT. With a SMB-friendly pricing model, we can grow with the needs of your business. If you are tired of fuzzy pricing, hit or miss support, and desirous of an IT firm with an eye on a rapidly changing technological landscape, OutfIT is the ticket.


Over the past few years, Marrow has launched several industry-specific holding companies. Each with different investment criteria, capital structure, and strategic focus.

Marrow Places

We are targeting distressed recreational properties in desirable areas. Our first investment was in a campground in Swan Valley, Idaho, minutes from gold medal fly fishing on the South Fork of the Snake.

Marrow Tech

We are building SaaS products that solve definitive problems for Marrow businesses and for our clients. Our first product, InFolk, offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS tools that provide business leaders with the ability to assess organization health, make smarter hiring decisions, and diagnose and direct performance management.

Marrow Build

Our construction hub is building businesses around under-resourced entrepreneurs. Our model transitions equity over time to the operator, giving them the opportunity to create generational wealth. Knockout Build is our general contractor focused primarily on commercial tenant improvement projects.