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As a much-beloved stop in the Teton Valley, Camp Rendezvous has served a loyal and growing clientele with excellent service, cozy accommodations, and the constant beauty of the natural surroundings.

While all of those things will never change, Camp Rendezvous is undergoing a rebrand and expansion as Hover Camp. With new energy and new investment, we can’t wait to expand on the things you already love about this place and make them even better.

What’s in a name?

While this may be common knowledge to some anglers, a “hover” is a group of trout. As we considered new names for this redevelopment, we really wanted to capitalize on the fact that our campground is a place where people (and people who love to fish) come together and to gather.

In a sense, the “rendezvous” of Camp Rendezvous will live on with this synonym and will be at the forefront of all the decisions we make moving forward.

What’s changing?

In addition to a new name, we have plans to update the existing lodge and the general store offerings. We are also contracting with an industry leader for fly fishing supplies to ensure that our fly shop is the best in the valley and can expertly meet angler needs season-round. We will also be upgrading our angler amenities by offering boat rentals as well as continued shuttle services with our local partner.

Plans are in the works to build additional cabins with enough amenities to make you comfortable, and enough charm to keep the camp feel. We will also increase the number of available RV sites with full hookups as well as tent camping sites.

For community gathering, keep an eye out for our stage and concert venue, as well as a playground for the kids, dog park for your four-legged family members, and even a horse, corral if you are traveling with a trailer. We even have plans to build a pickleball court to offer you even more forms of outdoor recreation.

What’s not changing?

Just like Dr. Seuss’s famed Lorax, we also love the trees. As we build out new accommodations, the beautiful trees that stud our property won’t be going anywhere and will continue to provide shade and scenery for years to come.

Beyond that, the family-feel, the commitment to service, and the reliable comfort of Camp Rendezvous will live on. As we proceed with our redevelopment and expansion, we will take what customers have loved and make it even better.

Our guests are the heartbeat behind what Hover Camp stands for and we look forward to serving you in bigger and better ways in the coming years.