Marrow Methodology

We are passionate about creating a dynamic ecosystem of purpose-driven businesses that make a positive impact on society. Our approach is centered around starting, acquiring, and growing businesses that are committed to utilizing profits for purpose, and we believe that this approach can help drive sustainable and equitable growth for both businesses and society as a whole.

Our Purpose-Driven Approach

Creating a cohesive body of small businesses that are committed to purpose and profitability requires a collaborative and intentional approach. At the heart of this approach is a shared commitment to values-driven business practices that prioritize both social impact and financial success.

This involves not only identifying and nurturing purpose-driven businesses but also building a network of like-minded individuals and organizations that can support and amplify their impact. By connecting purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders, we can facilitate partnerships and collaborations that drive innovation, generate new ideas, and foster a sense of community and belonging. Working together allows us to create a more sustainable and equitable economy that prioritizes both purpose and profitability.

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Our Values

These values guide Marrow's approach to business, and are reflected in everything we do. Marrow is committed to embodying these values in every aspect of our operations. With a focus on purpose-driven business practices, Marrow strives to create positive change in the world and make a meaningful impact on society and the environment.

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At Marrow, we believe that streamlined solutions and efficient processes are the life force of strong businesses. Attention to small things produces big impact and long-term success. We aim to create a culture of excellence that is focused on delivering exceptional value.

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We recognize that regardless of industry, valuing and respecting the people within each business creates a lasting foundation on which to develop culture and drive purpose. This understanding extends beyond Marrow employees to our clients, vendors, and anyone who interacts with our businesses.

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Marrow believes in building businesses that do what they say. With a strong commitment to purpose, we want our actions and interactions to match our values and mission. Across the ecosystem, we create authentic and tangible organizations that remain deeply rooted in their origins.

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We believe in building businesses that last. In all aspects of organizational health, from financial and relational, to strategic and operational, we grow companies that are sustainable and lasting. Regardless of industry, we position businesses to be nimble and responsive to internal shifts and external forces.

At our core, we are driven by a belief in the power of profit for purpose.

Our Commitment

With profit for purpose at the center of our operations, we inspire our teams and partners to work towards a common goal. We believe that our role as a business goes beyond just our bottom line and that we have a responsibility to use our resources and expertise to create positive social, environmental, and economic impact. Our commitment to profit for purpose is at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud to be part of a growing movement of businesses that are dedicated to making a difference in the world. Through our partnerships, collaborations, and community-building initiatives, we are working towards creating a better future.

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Our People

Marrow is a group of problem solvers with vision, activators with drive, and executors who thrive on creating something from nothing and meeting the diverse needs of businesses within the Marrow ecosystem on a daily basis.

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Refreshing Support for Small Business Growth

My experience with Marrow has been a breath of fresh air in the small business world. They offer all the tools necessary to start, organize, and grow your business. On top of that they offer care for you as an individual. There is a strong culture for personal growth and development.

Terry Dreher
General Manager, Knockout Build