We Love Small Businesses

Starting a small business takes guts and operating a small business is difficult. We understand the needs of founders, entrepreneurs, and operators because we are founders, entrepreneurs, and operators. We get it not because we have been there but because we are there. Our businesses exist to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Our Values

These values are our north star, equal parts actual and aspirational.

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At Marrow, we believe that streamlined solutions and efficient processes are the life force of strong businesses. Attention to small things produces big impact and long-term success. We aim to create a culture of excellence that is focused on delivering exceptional value, without the fluff.

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We believe that honoring the inherent dignity of every human being is non-negotiable, even the unpleasant ones. Even ass holes deserve to be treated with respect. The way we engage with each other, the environments we build, and the products or services we create are all reflections of this deeply held belief.

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We are not interested in get-rich-quick schemes or fly-by-night money grabs. Our sales pitch matches our delivery. We are maniacal about setting realistic expectations and believe our yes should be yes and our no should be no. Our products and services must do more than make people feel good. We are obsessed with value creation.

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We believe in building businesses that last. In all aspects of organizational health, from financial and relational, to strategic and operational, we grow companies that are sustainable and lasting. Regardless of industry, we position businesses to be nimble and responsive to internal shifts and external forces.

We are helping business leaders create environments where people flourish.